Grow Your

Credit Union

SimplyFocused is a robust software solution that enables credit union growth by connecting marketing teams and lending teams directly to their members & prospects to generate leads.

We Help in Three Ways


Grow Loans

With consultative sales at the heart of every successful financial organization, it is important to be able to leverage technology as a tool to assist your sales team, not replace it.

SimplyFocused provides a robust solution to improve the consultative lending process, communication, and staff accountability. While at the same time, provides detailed analytics to enable better strategic decision-making utilizing leading indicator data rather than lagging indicators.

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Grow Deposits

As credit unions continue to encounter unprecedented competition in the financial services space and interest rates continue to hover at historic lows, you need now more than ever to stay on top of growing your deposits.

SimplyFocused is an enabling technology that leverages the power of human perception to reduce friction in the process of selling retail credit union deposit products.

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Grow Engagement

Consumer Experience is the modern differentiator in today’s retail sales world. Rather than racing to the bottom in pricing strategies in order to compete, smart credit unions understand that consumers will pay more for a better experience.

SimplyFocused helps improve that consumer experience by providing the tools to reduce friction during the digital engagement process, giving you a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

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Credit Union Joe is DISRUPTED with Josh

E.7 – New CEO

E.6 – ITMs

Credit Union Joe will be joined by Community Choice Credit Union CEO Josh Cook disrupting guests on Credit Union topics from A-Z.

Community Choice Credit Union

“If we lost Simply Focused, it would be an unmitigated disaster.”

KC Quick | VP Sales & Service

ELGA Credit Union

“The team is awesome and we at ELGA CU couldn’t be happier to have teamed up with them for website and lead generation solutions!”

Terry Katzur | Executive Vice President

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